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The Full Story


Hello, and welcome on this journey with me. Me and my pups live the suburban life and enjoy spending time on our local trails. I fell in love with Weimaraners when I was young but never had a dog growing up. My journey began when I was looking for a great breeder; someone that I not only got my dog from but a support system for any and all questions throughout my dog's life, and I found her!

Then my Willow came. She is perfect and I love her. I knew she would be a great mom and her offspring would be full of life and love like her.

Then things fell into place and Duke made his way into my life; he is full of spunk and attitude, and tells you when to pet him with a paw to the arm or leg and sometimes even the face. These two are a team, from running trails to swimming in the river and helping each other carry sticks. They live the best life, and an easy one at that.



It has been my mission to follow the standards of a Pedigree dog and the standards of raising pure breed Weimaraners.  Both Willow and Duke are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club. I have had great support from professional breeders through this process pre breeding, whelping, and post whelping. With an overflow of knowledge that has helped me keep my dogs healthy and puppies growing healthy and strong. 



My hopes are to find like minded families who take pride in their pet's mental and physical well being, and who can commit to giving them forever homes. Each of these puppies have already shown fun loving personalities. 

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